"His unique style of teaching adds a special boost to our ballet curriculum."
Build or rebuild your ballet program from the ground up.
Do you need a consultant to set up your ballet program from scratch, or restructure a ballet program that is not working for you? I have years of experience in doing just that. I do not teach in your area. I do not have a school. My only priority is to build your business and give your students the training they need to succeed.
"our scores at competition have consistently improved"
Improve your competition scores.
Are you disappointed with your competition results? Are your students getting injured in competitions? I will show you how to provide the foundation skills they need to compete successfully. Formal ballet training is essential in building the strength, stamina and technique that supports every other form of dance. I will give your students the training they need for a strong foundation and build bridges from formal technique to more modern dance forms.
"We've seen a great improvement in their ballet technique."
Cure and prevent injury through improved alignment.
Proper technique protects dancers from injury, but many schools skimp on formal technique classes. I will help you build a program that protects your dancers through proper technique training and protects you from loss of business due to injury. I will work with your young teachers in how and when to introduce skills to shape and strengthen young dancers.
"Give your students the opportunity of a lifetime."
Build enthusiasm along with a firm foundation for more advanced techniques.
Ballet is not a "necessary evil." I know how to attract students' interest and hold it until they begin to appreciate how ballet training helps them excel in other forms of dance. I will work to gradually add ballet to the curriculum without losing the students' interest and help them integrate good ballet technique with other styles of dance.
"His method of teaching simply inspired me."
Give your all-around dance students a reason to love ballet.
Many teachers stick with a syllabus that's not flexible, interesting and challenging for kids. I will help teachers see the whole picture and give kids what they need even if they only take class once or twice a week. I give ballet classes as challenging and fast as the hiphop, jazz and lyrical classes students enjoy. I will come for a weekend or a week, once or several times, and work with all ages and levels to make your ballet program everything it should be.